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IT Services of Institute of Computer Science

Data Storage
Network Services

Midsize storage

The midsize storage is a network data storage (“network drive”), which can be used to store any work data in a significantly greater volume than on the standard storage.

The midsize storage is also suitable for storing large files such as videos or extensive measurement data. It is intended for storage of up to terabytes or small tens of terabytes.

Instructions and contact

Storage features

  • Storage capacity: the available capacity depends on the requirements of the workplace and on the technical limitations of the available storage resources. It is intended for storage of up to terabytes or smaller tens of terabytes.
  • Data sharing: storage administrator can prepare configuration of shared volumes on request according to the specific needs of the workplace. Rather complicated structure of access rights can be created.
  • Access: the storage can be connected from any computer in the MU network, including Eduroam and MUNI WiFi networks. From other networks (e.g., from home or during a business trip) storage can by access through SFTP or VPN MU.
  • Availability: the storage is built so as to minimize the risk of outages. If a failure occurs, storage administrators try to solve it as soon as possible.
  • Backup: Data are backed up at least once a day. If a file or folder is accidentally deleted, it can be restored on request.
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