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Change in wi-fi Eduroam settings

By April 12, 2017, the currently used certificates on servers, which secure user authentication in the eduroam network, expires. What does it mean for users? Every user should update their wi-fi eduroam settings. If the connection is set properly, the user will not be able to connect after the change of certificate takes place, because the system does not recognize the new certificate. Those who do not have their connection set properly will possibly still be able to connect, but they undergo the risk of login details theft or internet connection hack, which might bring about serious consequences.

The wireless network MUNI will not be affected by the change. In case of trouble with eduroam network, it is still possible to use MUNI instead. In order to log in, use your UPN and secondary password.

How to change the settings?

The change in setting is easiest using the eduroam CAT tool. This is a tool for automatic configuration of the eduroam network. It supports many operation systems and it will process all steps necessary for proper and secure eduroam network setting. If you want to configure your mobile phone, simply scan the QR code from this page, which opens the settings guide. In case of desktop, you might download the application from eduroam CAT website.

Then just fill in your username (in the format) and your secondary password. The application will set everything important itself.

Who needs to process the change?

Every eduroam user should. Either your eduroam is set properly (using the eduroam CAT tool, or using the unix systems such as Linux and Mac OS X), so the inability to connect is your case, or your network setting does not control user’s identity and is therefore threatened by attacks. In the latter case, we recommend to set eduroam in a way which would prevent it from being attacked and hacked. It is especially important if you use Windows and Android operation system, which do not authenticate certificates.

When to process the change?

The eduroam CAT tool contains both old and new certificates at the moment, so there is no problem in updating the configuration now. If you do not manage it before the change, then you might update it whenever you have access to internet to download necessary files. You do not have to be at the university to do so. If you do not have access to Internet otherwise than at the university, you might use the MUNI network.

Who can I contact in case of problems?

You might contact Helpdesk (, local network technicians – LVT, or you might visit the University Computer Centre where our technicians will assist you.

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