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Change of login information and how to deal with it

Employees and students whose username for Office 365 has changed will newly be logging in as follows:

  • Instead of UČ you use UČ
  • Instead of UČ you use UČ

You will use this username to access the online platform of Office 365 and applications which are connected to it.

Your password for logging in stays unchanged, i.e. your secondary password (in case you did not set your personal password).

The new form of username for Office 365 is UČ

Change of username bears with it some other changes and implications, mainly concerning desktop applications for individual Office 365 tools. Below you will find a list of possible changes and problems you might experience, followed by instructions of how to deal with them.

Because of the username change, the former links to files from your OneDrive for Business storage and your NotePad will not work anymore. Therefore, if you have shared your NotePad or a file from your storage with someone before, it is necessary to send the given person a new link to file or set up sharing of the file again.

Instructions are optimalised for Windows 10 and Office 2016

For macOS click HERE

For mobile OS click HERE

For problems with web apps click HERE

Outlook and mailbox

If you already use the Office 365 mailbox, the change of UPN will result in the Outlook application asking for new login details after a certain time. Fill in new login data according to instructions (your inbox accessed through the online platform will work normally after logging in with the new details). If you connected your mailbox to Thunderbird application, it is necessary to delete the account and set it up again.

If you haven’t used Office 365 mailbox yet (e.g. it was only set up now), you might start using it. You can access the mailbox through the online platform in browser, install the desktop application Outlook 2016 and start using it, or connect your mailbox with a different email client (such as Thunderbird).

Skype for Business

After the username change, application Skype for Business will not connect to your account but instead require new login data. Fill in the new login details (UČ and secondary password) and save them.

Office applications of Office 365

Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint will need to be accessed under the new username. The most appropriate procedure is to first sign out of the former account:
File > Account > Sign out

and subsequently sign in with the new account: File > Account > Sign in or click Sign in in the upper right corner of the application. 1)

OneDrive for Business

Application client of OneDrive for Business synchronizes personal storages, as well as library documents at SharePoint and in Office 365 Groups. Instructions on how to proceed after the change of username can be found here.

OneNote 2016

After the change of username, it is necessary to register the OneNote 2016 application under the new username and connect notepads once again.

The first step is signing in the application under the new username. The most appropriate procedure is to first sign out of the former account:
File > Account > Sign out
and subsequently sign in with the new account:
File > Account > Sign in
or click Sign in in the upper right corner of the application.

The next step is reconnecting notepads.
Firstly, check which notepads are still synchronised and which are not:

  • it is most possible that the unsynchronised pads will signalise a problem with synchronisation themselves
  • in case not, apply a change to every notepad and check, whether it is being synchronised

Subsequently, disconnect the former notepads which do not synchronise:

  • open the list of connected pads
  • select the required pad and click on it with the right mouse button
  • select Close this notepad
  • close the OneNote 2016 application

Finally, connect the notepads again, which includes two parts:

  1. open the given notepad through the online platform
    • log in to Office 365
    • open the required notepads (personal one directly from the platform, group notepads and SharePoint from their websites)
  2. then reopen the application OneNote 2016
    • select File > Open
    • in the right part of the ‘recently opened’ section, find the notepad which you just opened on the online platform and click on it to open (make sure that you are opening the updated version of your notepad – direct mouse pointer at the pad title, wait until its URL address appears and check, whether it includes your new username)
    • repeat the action for all notepads which you want to connect
1) After changing the login details, it is possible that this sign in will promote itself into other applications (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote). Therefore, when opening other applications, firstly check whether you are not signed in under the new username already; in case not, change the sign in also here.
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